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graham paterson
04-12-2015, 03:32 PM
Hello everyone, Just found (and joined) this forum!
firstly a bit about me, I am a time served engineer with over 30 years experience working in machine shops, the last 20 years Ive been mainly doing Cnc vmc work, presently Im a workshop supervisor in Plymouth Devon. I do everything from creating 3d models, produce cam programs, set,run,inspect work you name it.(using onecnc xr6 cadcam)
the last 12 years Ive been programing HAAS vmc,s so I can program ISO formatt, (online or off line) prior to that I was programming Heidenhain control systems.
My main reason joining here is Ive been toying with the idea of branching out on my own in some shape or form,either offering a machining service or maybe a programming/cadcam service, I would be after some advice from people in a similar postion to myself?
Been looking at starting small in my garage/workshop at first, so any advice you guys can offer would be brilliant!

Many regards.
Graham Paterson
p.s you can find me on linked-in!

05-12-2015, 07:59 PM
Hi Graham and Welcome,

So what kind or area of advise are you looking for in particular.? I've helped and built machines for several people who have taken this path. The Small Job shop come home workshop works if your well tooled up and flexible but your never going to get rich from it.

Those I've seen work well and make just Ok living thou very rewarding one are Often home shop people who specialise in some field. Often it's Art's n Crafts related or special purpose usage. Like Custom Bike parts, Bespoke furniture etc.

The straight down the middle small engineering shops tend to struggle unless they specialise in one off's and at right money. So basicly they don't make much excess profit just cover OH/Wages and little beer money.!!

graham paterson
05-12-2015, 08:03 PM
Hi, I'm heavily into classic motorcycles so a pal and me were thinking of producing bespoke parts for that sort of industry, I've made some parts for my pal such as top yokes etc as he likes to build specials as it were

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