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16-12-2015, 11:31 PM
Hi peeps, selling my Blackcat, need to upgrade, have it listed on eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BlackCat-Redsail-CNC-RS-3020-Woodworking-soft-metals-awesome-machine-/221970845619?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT)

and a youtube video.


BlackCat/Redsail CNC RS-3020

X, Y, Z Guide: Rolling ball screw

X, Y, Z Work Area: 320 x230 x 55 (mm)

Max feeding height: 90mm

Drive type : Stepper motor

Spindle : 800W high speed (water cooling)

Max Speed : 4000 mm/ min

Resolution : ≦ 0.0 5 mm

Repeatability : ≦ 0.0 5 mm

Command code : HPGL, G-code

Spindle tools: ф 3.175, ф 6

Power : AC220V Ī 10% / 50~60Hz

Machine dimension(mm) : 550*650*550

Net weight: 38kg(including controller box) (G.W60)

This is my pride and joy, but Iím selling it because I need an auto tool changer and bigger work area.

Has all software for G-Code installed on computer, NC Studio.(Does not include any design software, I use Aspire. I was going to convert it to Mach3 but never got around to it. But instead I got use to the preinstalled operating system.

It comes with a computer that is more than capable of running the NC studio software. However it does run on windows XP.There is no backup, but there is a copy of the NC Studio install file on the hard drive.

I have modified a computer CPU liquid cooling system to pump water to the spindle, very quiet and works really well. No need to drop a fish tank pump in a bucket and change the water every couple of weeks as it is a sealed system using modified coolant.

Itís been stripped and serviced and is regularly cleaned oiled. Did have a dust boot but Iím keeping that.

Controller box has a dead switch.

There's only the chuck spanners included, no bits or clamps etc. There is however ( look at video) a removable modified h-type clamp I installed on the bed which is great for clamping small flat wood pieces down.

Iíve put a video on you-tube of it on the listing with a couple of examples of what I have made with it. Itís very accurate machine for its class.

Cost over £1500 with shipping without the operating, cooling or g-code system.

**Shipping is £30, it is bulky and heavy and will need to go on a pallet.

It is sold ready for use. If you pick it up I will leave it up and running to give you a quick rundown on operating it and disassemble it with you so you can see how it goes together.

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Posting - Please read before bidding.

If you want it posting, then I will pack it well and hand make a small box/pallet for shipping.

You will need to buy a bottle of coolant; they are not expensive from Scan etc about £3.99. This is because the couriers donít like liquids that are not in bottles or sealed.

** However, because I have no idea of the buyerís competence on reassembling it or their ability to use the software, and cannot remotely assist, it will be sold without a returns policy or refund.**

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## Please note : The monitor, keyboard, mouse and VESA swing mount are not included in the auction, I need them for my next CNC.##

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