View Full Version : Boxford 160 cnc convert to mach3, Info needed

19-12-2015, 01:47 PM
hello my friends
i have bought a long time ago a boxford 160 tcl with auto tool turrent
i have spoke with boxford for the software but they inform me that my electronics are to old
and they not have this software
so i decide to convert it with modern electronics and work with mach 3 software
i bought a 3 axis nema 23 step motors with 425 oz
the problem that i have now is the threading
can someone help me with this
how i will make a thread ?
a friend of mine said that i can use a extra step motor for the spindle with a magnetic clutch and when i need thread i will work with this axis like 4 axis milling machine
can i use the encoder that already exist on boxford??
or the extra step motor that told you before is one way direction for threading?

19-12-2015, 04:48 PM

Welcome, What are you trying to thread exactly? I think there are some translation issues in the way.

19-12-2015, 04:54 PM
Thats an easy problem, but you need a bob or motion control card that is capable of threading.
I don't know which bob, but mesa 5i25 or 7i80 an 7i76(e) and the CSMIO controllers can do that.

And Boxford have the SW, but don't want to sell it to everyone, they should have contracts with schools, that they only sell SW to them.

For threading you'll need 2 light barriers on the spindle, one with 50 or 100 holes is for determining the spindle speed and the other with only one hole is needed for the calculation of the starting point, where the tool begins to move.

19-12-2015, 09:51 PM
so with bob controlers you think that is possible threadind?
i must chainge and the nema 23 step motors

20-12-2015, 11:21 AM
Thats independent from the steppers, the control unit must have the possibility to start the motors with an external signal in this case a light barrier, but it can be anything else. If you don't have an index hole in your encoder disc, than you can bore a hole in an extra disc or make a cam somewhere on the spindle. If your bob runs bidirektional, so you can connect homesensors, endsensors then you must only activate the option in your Mach3 control program and connect the sensor. But, I don't know that program