View Full Version : please mach 3, no machine movement after xbox pluggin

23-01-2016, 01:05 PM
hi all, im very stuck and got orders i need to get on with, please help
everything was working fine last week,
been to the workshop today to do the xbox controller plug in
seemed to install every thing ok pluggin and direct x and recognised the controller
the controler lit up and i programmed the buttons, the reset button worked once but...........
now the controller nor the key board will move the machine
machs dro's are going up and down a normal but it is a tho the parallel cable is not connected
the machine wont do anything, not evan the motors are clicking on reset, one axis makes a very very quiet murmer as tho its getting a voltage but no where near enough to do anythin, but thats it
i dont have access to the internet at the workshop which is 15 mile from home, so need to get as much info together before i go to try and fix it
please help :)

23-01-2016, 06:30 PM
sounds like the definition of ports and pins may have been messed up. Double check that is is all fine there first.