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24-01-2016, 01:24 PM
Hi All,

Thought I'd better introduce myself as no doubt you'll be seeing me around :)

I'm currently waiting for my first build's parts to turn up from all over the place! I'm going to build a RawCNC (http://www.rawcnc.com/) (see also CNCMaskiner.org (http://www.cncmaskiner.org) and use the translate button) which I reckon is the best hobby grade CNC available - certainly for the money!

My build list is as follows:

Roughly 1m2 machine with a 700x800 cutting area.
2.2kw Spindle +VFD
Steel Plates over the standard Aluminium
4.2a Nema23 Motors + Breakout Board + 542 Drivers
Rack and Pinion Drive for X&Y Axis
Z-Axis Raised by 60mm

I'm planning on prototyping and also manufacturing various projects using a range of materials like Aluminium, Wood, Fibreglass Sheet and Acrylic.

I'll no doubt have plenty of questions so please be kind :) And any thoughts are always welcome!