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06-02-2016, 09:21 PM
Hi All

I want to make a router, a large router. I make kitchens, bedrooms etc. I use jumbo boards of MFC (2070mm x 2800mm), and sometimes long MDF sheets (1220mm x 3050mm). I would like to use it to cut nested panels, putting full sheets on and walking away to edge / further fettle what has been cut from the previous board. I would like to be using it at times for dovetailing and other jointing,needing to put pieces vertically at times, but i don't think it will make a huge difference to the main design as that will happen at the end of the table.

I'm probably going to have forgotten loads of thoughts of the design, but i just want to start the design consultation with the forum. I have therefore produced an initial design in sketchup. I thought that starting with the main frame design, and then moving on from there after getting that sorted.

Working area of 2100mm x 3050mm.
Steeel frame design, main rails 100x200, legs etc 100x100. Overkill?
Using resin or shims for rails? I was thinking resin, but then recently read conflicting thoughts.
Linear guide rails.
Rotating nut ballscrew on the x axis. Normal ballscrew on Y and Z.
Twin head design running one with a 1/2" cutter (for doing the main cutting), and one with 5mm (a common hole size i need). I don't want to be changing cutters manually mid sheet, and a tool changer is a step too far for me i think.


As i said, the design is in it's very early stages, I'd like to get it right from the ground up so will take it one step at a time. At this point i'm interested to hear peoples views on the idea as a whole, as well as the main frame design.

Thanks in advance.


Boyan Silyavski
07-02-2016, 11:24 AM
sth is wrong with the pictures?

07-02-2016, 01:51 PM

Dual rotating nut ballscrew on x.