View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: Nut Loose on a Machine

13-02-2016, 02:35 PM
Hi new to the site
Bricklayer for 20 years then in IT for last 20 years.

Built/Repaired many 3d printers Laser Engraver/Cutters over a few years, Built and played with Mostly Printed CNC but wanted better capabilities so decided to build myself one. In the first instance I got hold of a basic mill to convert to allow me to produce parts (Super X1LP HiTorque Mill - Belt Drive - Brushless MT2 Metric). Great little machine cheap and cheerrful easy to use and convert, a little lightweight at 250w 0-5000 rpm but living in a first floor flat and mainly machining Aluminium or Acrylic is fitted the bill.

Parts on order for conversion which shouldn't take long then will post the project for anyone interested.