View Full Version : help needed mach 3

16-02-2016, 01:49 PM
hi chaps. I don't know what I have done, but I keep getting the change tool button flashing on my mach 3 set up. I cant get it to turn off know matter what I press. the g code program as input and the tool run is showing, but the machine will not start the cut. the tool section is showing 2 tools in the box. anyone have any idea what I can do ?????
thanks. michael

16-02-2016, 05:16 PM
Terry your not very clear on what's happening and what your pressing etc. I'm going to PM my number. if you ring me i'll talk you down because trying to help here could take hours or days on the phone it will take mins.

16-02-2016, 06:36 PM
Thanks for that.i think that I am being unclear as I don't really know what I am doing. I will ring you tomorrow if thats ok, and thanks for the offer of help.michael