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22-02-2016, 04:56 PM
Hi! I'm based in Petersfield, about to start my cnc/laser/3DP journey with the new BOXZY. Mainly interested in building assistive devises for my son, who has CP - and expect I will be moving to an 8'x4' machine very soon. I have no experience in CNC, but am an enthusiastic maker. I am a practising medic.

Initial question - anyone based locally to Petersfield who would be willing to give me a couple of days training? Willing to pay...


27-03-2016, 10:39 PM
Hi Hubert
A friend of mine has bought into the Boxzy Kickstarter, not really knowing what he's got his hands on. It's currently still boxed and gathering dust until I can find somewhere for it to live, so I can't throw much expertise your way until I've set it up and had a play, but I will be more than happy to assist however I can when I've got a grip on the thing. Have you had any joy finding forums/resources for info etc. How are getting on with it otherwise, maybe you've landed on your feet and can tell me a thing or two?
All the best

28-03-2016, 01:28 AM
No idea with the Boxzy but have been using building repairing 3d printers laser engraver/cutters and small CNC based around same for a few years, Thingverse.com would be a good place to start some helpful people around always ready to advise and great projects for printing engraving etc . Also for the mixture of all three processes similar to the boxzy the mostly printed CNC manages this quite well and the forum and videos on http://www.vicious1.com/ could give you a lot of help.

28-03-2016, 11:06 AM
Hubert - Down the road in H/dean. Have no knowledge of BOXZY. But run 4 bench top CNC m/c`s here at home. PM me your contact details if you think I can help.