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Tom J
22-02-2016, 10:00 PM
Hi Folks
Recently decided to use USB on my desktop router. I did not have enough funds to buy Ethernet CSMIO-IP-A or M.
So I end up with having this 3 axis HXC Motion Card.

Here is full details:

Card is plug and play easy to install, plug in too, however I have few issue with Mach3 configuration.
There is lack of proper set up info. Manual is poor and misleading - will say why and what.
Let me describe what I've achieved so far.

I managed quickly wire Nema 23 via DM542A and they work quiet, smooth, and quite cold.
I do run spindle water cooled 2.2kW - via PWM 0-10V signal to LG inverter.

I revised this post after reading Jazz replay.

Here are my issues:
- there are 8 outputs in the card, they start from OUT-0 and finish OUT-7.
Mach 3 doesn't list Output #0, so Output #1 with Pin 0 is OUT -0 a bit confusing, usually output number has the same pin number.
Because OUT-0 is not listed than we can not set it in spindle setup, for clockwise (M3).
I did not pay attention to the picture 2 (blue line, 2xNO contacts from common DCM-digital ground).
I simply tried to get low or high signal out from OUT 0&1.
To prove that picture is correct I tested with few mA signal I found that this contact between DCM - OUT.0 and DCM -OUT.1 exist and can be activated in Output signals as Out 1 & 2 pin 0 & 1.


Manual did not clearly state that - just picture.

On this stage I can start my spindle FRW (CW) from Mach by pressing: F5, spindle button or typing M3.

Is there any other way to activate CCW rather than typing command M4 which can only be disable by M5 or reset (Thanks Jazz for reminding)
Same problem with Mist M7 - any other way to activate rather than command M7?


- discovered one big problem which is not described:
Do not connect anything to outputs 0-7 unless output is enabled in control output menu, otherwise reset button will activate all outputs - make the relays live (This is big inconvenience and safety concern)

- another miss information, picture 4 shows blue line which connect 'Power In 6-36V' to 6-36V on input control port.
There is no internal connection - '6-36V input port' is isolated. No info regard that, only misleading picture.
This arrangement is not made, so extra connection is needed.
However 0V from 'Power In' is connected to 0V output control - see picture below

How to set Input pin to set Out like in the logic controller?
for example Input 6 activates Output 6 or similar?
I did not have any problem with other DB board running via LPT1 port, and I can program PLC too, using ladder logic.

The last problem I spotted is that I can not change motor tuning on spindle page- no blue graph. Motors ok, only spindle. Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help, not so much info regard this particular model


22-02-2016, 11:34 PM
Not seeing what your problem is here.? It's perfectly clear to me that Both the Inputs and Outputs need there own voltage supply to keep them isolated which can be between 6 -36v.
Those blue lines are using the positive side of the 36v supply powering the device but not actually providing a path back to 0V so they won't work.

Like wise Outputs 0 & 1 are separate to rest of outputs and use the DCM from the VFD to provide path back to For/Rev on VFD. Outputs 2-7 require there own supply.
To Stop M3 or M4 then just use M5.
M6 isn't flood it's tool change command. M8 is flood M7 is mist but in reality they can be anything you want. M8 could turn kettle on and M7 Micro wave they are just commands to turn on/off the output you assign to each M code. M9 turns them both off.

Spindle is probably PWM so Motor tuning may not be required. You will probably need to play with pulley speeds to get exact voltage.

Tom J
26-02-2016, 09:09 PM
Another issue...
My LG inverter gives ~12V signal not 10V like required so I used voltage regulator 78L10.
Now I have nice 10.1V but module output (AVI) is not linear, and I can get only 9.3V output.
I could compensate voltage input in spindle parameter so 9,3V would give me 400Hz.
I decided to use resistor or pot. in series to 10V input, now I can adjust voltage to get ~5v at 200Hz or ~10V at full 400hz
I should use voltage divider but inverter needs only 15mA so resistor is easier.
I use power 24V from motion card rather than from Spindle output - sound strange. Input in inverter still got 0V (CM) and signal from V1 from motion card (AVI).
All that gives me better result than those from table below.

I have set spindle speed (pulley menu) at min 6000 rpm, 100Hz, 2.5V voltage input and to max 24000 rpm 400Hz 10V input signal.
Table below shows how output voltage from card very from desired (this was before adjusting input voltage)

I deleted linearity.dat file from Macro file and still can not get nice linear output - any suggestion?

I start playing with 0-1000rpm, everything was ok - close (I mean voltage output wise)
I used different source of power than a spindle output 10V.

Does anybody use this card? seems to be popular for being usb type not LPT.