View Full Version : BUILD LOG: Table top cnc build

28-02-2016, 06:07 PM

Iíve been stalking here for a while now and I think itís my time to become more active and reveal my designs. I would be awesome if you could spot something wrong from my designs.
My design is table top moving gantry aluminum extrusion router thing. Machine will be cutting mostly aluminum and some plastics. Machining steel would be awesome but not necessary. Iím aiming for good precision over speed.

Iím going for 1605 ballscrews and nema 23 steppers (2 or 3 Nm I think). Spindle is going to be 2,2 or 1,5 kW water cooled.
Linear rails are 20 profile.
Aluminum extrusions are 60x60mm (or is it called 3040?) and plates are 20 or 10 mm thick aluminum.
Bed will be some kind aluminum extrusion with T-slots or aluminum plate with threaded holes.
Working area is 300x400x140 and Iím trying to keep footprint as small as possible.
Plans are still waiting for some more holes, axis limits, cabling etc, but I think those wonít matter at this point. I will add them to design before ordering any parts.

So let me know what you think!