View Full Version : a little more help needed

29-02-2016, 03:53 PM
hi, today I wired up a new tb6600hg. I have set the pins etc as per the instructions. but this is what I am now getting. when power on all motors lock up. put the x and y axis are at the end of their lead screws and the motor only wants to move one way and is locked by lack of lead screw.
do I need to undo the motors from the screws and set in a middle position or is there something else wrong that needs resetting. I have looked on the net but the settings are all over the place. at a lost what to do next. michael

Clive S
29-02-2016, 04:52 PM
Ok Terry I think you said in an earlier post that you was going to dump the tb6600. But if you power off the machine you should be able to turn the screws by hand to get it somewhere near the middle.

I think your problem lies with the dir pin might need inverting but you haven't shown how you have wired it or any screen shots of the software about the pins etc.