View Full Version : Ebay/paypal voucher for uk until 10pm tonight

31-03-2016, 05:54 PM
Thought I would let you all into a voucher that is doing the rounds on Twitter today:

20% off anything and applies to thew whole shopping basket:

Voucher code is CUK20


now what do I spend my money on....

31-03-2016, 07:16 PM
Thanks, just ordered a 0,001 res Drop clock for 36.

31-03-2016, 07:30 PM
Just ordered 2.2kw HY VFD and 2.2kw spindle for 146.24 saving 36.55 refused first in Caps then accepted lower case.

Lee Roberts
31-03-2016, 11:44 PM
Won't work for me, just says invalid voucher code - typical...

It maybe that my basket amount was to low though as it was just 13 for a dewalt countersink and pilot bit all in one jobby...

Edit: just noticed it's only till 10, lol him self all the way to the "muppet corner" for some self assessment.


01-04-2016, 05:52 AM
Minimum purchase was also 20