View Full Version : FOR SALE: Basic vacuum table setup 400x200- used 1-2 times

02-04-2016, 09:07 PM
Hi all,

As with the previous for sale post: due toimminent arrival of new products, I am trying to clear out some space. The bitsadvertised here have been accumulated/hoarded since 2010 when I startedspending money on CNC. All were specifically bought for a hobby project that isvery unlikely to now materialise. (Sale is therefore of personal effects andnothing to do with my business.) I am sure that anybody could make a very goodmachine out of the parts. I would but right now time very very tight.

Postageon all items will be extra as they are very heavy and some are long. I wouldprefer pick up and payment in cash if possible.

This is vacuum table I bought for a projectthat never took off. Bought from Vacuum Tisch less than a year ago.Used only once or twice to try it out. Comes with the vacuumcleaner attachment, a perforated friction sheet and cost me £110. Yours for£80. The under side has counterbored slots so you can attach it to yourrouter/milling table.

Drop me a pm if you have any questions

Thanks for looking