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13-04-2016, 08:15 PM
Hi folks. After lurking for a few weeks doing some research, I have finally signed up and I am full of questions which I hope the knowledgeable community here will enlighten me on. I don't have an engineering or technical background but I enjoy 'hobby engineering' of most kinds.

I have bought a bare-bones 6040 kit and I am in the process of fitting it with 3Nm steppers from Zapp and AM882H drivers. Being completely new to CAD, CAM and Control software, building from scratch at this point would not let me concentrate on learning the way to use a CNC machine hence the 6040 purchase despite the misgivings of many experienced people. If the bug bites me, I can retain the electrics for a new build and flog the 6040 on ebay.

Thanks to all the contributors and administrators for making this forum so welcoming to people of all backgrounds.