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19-04-2016, 01:46 PM
Hallo all. Recently signed up here as I want to get into using my cnc router . I have a Step-Four Basic 540 which used to run OK a few years ago. I got it out of storage and am having some issues getting it to work. If there is anyone here with experience of these machines, and are willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated. The Step-Four came with its own software which runs on DOS and talks to the controller via a 25 pin serial cable. As a result I keep an old laptop just for this . When I connect up everything the software shows the job running but the machine is not moving. I can't tell if the laptop, serial cable or the controller is at fault. I'm not getting any error messages. If I start the software without the controller switched on it reports it can't find the controller which would suggest there is some communication going on between the laptop and controller. What would be ideal is if I could locate someone with a similar setup so I could try my components on their machine and at least identify which part is faulty. The factory has not responded to any of my emails and I can't find a UK agent anywhere. A friend tested each stepper motor with an ardunio and they all work. If I can't get the original software and controller working then I would love to hear about other software/controller combinations that may be adapted to bring the machine back from the dead.

Ross Shellard
14-06-2016, 10:19 PM
Hi, the Stepfour factory has been gone a few years to my knowledge, I own a Stepfour cnc hot wire cutter running on DOS, check the software is not running in simulation mode, an icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen, should flash green when in simulation mode, the cut will show as though its milling or cutting but the the machine will not move, the software version I have is Professional V3, I have heard of another software to run these small machines is Mach 3, thats all i know about it though never used it only seen it on youtube, hope that helps.