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28-04-2016, 12:36 AM
Hi folk, just checking in from St.Helier / Jersey.

Happy to share with like minded people ... who don't mind getting their hands dirty :rolleyes: and enjoying a beer at the end of the day :beer:

Since the early 80's I've spent a lot of time refurbishing many machines including Pultra 1750/70's, S&B (Model L's) Hardinge (HLV / HLV-H), Schaublin (102/102N/102TR/102VM) and Boxford (A/B/C/AUD,BUD & VSL) as well as carried out a good number of 3 phase to single phase conversions.

Recently just bought another HLV-H (Metric) which I imported from Germany (but made in Feltham Middlesex late 70's). It is quite different to the main line production HLV-H ... specifically produced for the German customer with effectively a second counter shaft to act as a "Back drive" giving an additional low RPM range from 45-125RPM.

Also using a Boxford 280TR and Harrison 600 Vertical Mill which I hope to swap out later this year to another Schaublin 13 :joyous:

Well, that's enough for now ... drop me a line if you feel inclined ..


28-04-2016, 10:17 PM
Is your Hardinge an HLV-H or a KL1? I have the latter,which was made in Middlesex or Exeter and is designated as a KL1.You probably already know that the basic difference between an HLV-H and a KL1 is purely cosmetic,the former having a narrow drawer to the right of the cabinet with a pull out drawer for the collets,whereby the latter has a much wider door with 2 carousells to store the collets.Also the tailstock has a longer nose on a KL1.Apart from that,they are identical as regards spares.I have used Hardinges all my working life and believe the HLV-H/KL1 are the finest lathes ever made.Still in production to this day in Elmira,New York,which is testament to their quality and accuracy.

28-04-2016, 10:40 PM
My machine is a HLV-H ... I've been using them since the mid 80's ... Prior to that I was a Schaublin 102 user but fell out with Schaublin when they (Swiss sales) would not sell a 102N-VM screw cutting machine to me directly, stating I had to deal with the UK rep. That individual failed to reply, help or assist getting me the machine. A week later I'd sold three Schaublin's and the most comprehensive accessory suite.

Just after that I saw a HLV in operation and bought it ... then sold it for a better one ... then got a HLV-H ... then sold it for a better one. 3 HLV's and 9 HLV'H's I'd got to my final dream machine!

Still in production to this day in Elmira,New York,which is testament to their quality and accuracy.

As for the HLV-H still in production ... Here's a statement from "Hardinge on the 25 Feb 2009 "The final ten HLV-H toolroom lathes are being assembled on the erection floor at Elmira, and no more will be made."

There are of course Far Eastern copies but "Genuine" US HLV-H's are no more.

:thumsup: John

28-04-2016, 10:50 PM
Thanks for the production update - doesn't seem like 7 years ago I was told they were still in production.I,to,used to own a Schaublin 102 and considered it overated compared to the Hardinge.To watch an HLV-H/KL1 thread cut is amazing,with the retractable top slide and collars controlling start point and end point.Incidentally,I have a brand new Metric lead screw for sale - no point in keeping it as I already have a new one on my KL1.I will get round to putting it on ebay one day.

28-04-2016, 10:53 PM
Yes time flies ... just sending you a PM