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15-05-2016, 09:36 AM
Just a short note to say hello.
I come from the land of under.

To add to the BST story. Fred has been my go to man in China for a while now, even before he opened the Alliexpress store. He is a real gentleman.
Not the cheapest BUT does not sell shit and stands by what he sells.

Now to the reason I joined a MYCNCUK, I saw jazzcnc's Video on the servos. ... Jazz you are a legend mate, Thanx

Here is a pic of a project I did for a mate in NZ. He only has the use of his arms and likes to race online So I built an Alex Zannardi mod for his Fanatic BMW wheel.
Bit sorry i did it, he is soooo much quicker than me now LOL.

Later all


15-05-2016, 07:24 PM
Welcome Paul - nice project and being a long time racing and flight sim guy its good to see CNC being used to create bespoke sim stuff. Although I haven't raced for a while (Elite Dangerous is my thing these days).

What kind of CNC machine do you have?