View Full Version : More Things To Do With Single Flute Milling Cutters

15-05-2016, 02:56 PM
Yesterday I needed a flat bottomed hole 12mm OD 30mm deep in a Delrin part.

Having chucked the part I was looking for a drill to pilot for boring and noticed a 6mm single flute end mill in a 10mm straight shank collet chuck, so I bunged it in the tailstock chuck and drilled the hole.

As I dropped the boring bar holder onto the QCTP a series of thoughts converged - the boring bar holder has 6mm and 10mm holes, the single flute endmill is in a 10mm shank holder, the single flute edge looks a bit like the tip of a boring cutter when set horizontal.

Sure enough it's a great plunge-drilling and boring cutter in one for plastics!

- Nick