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17-05-2016, 10:38 AM
I have been using my mini-mill with the excellent 2010 screen-set for a while now, done some nice jobs too. I also have a Bridgeport which is going to be CNC converted as a project soon.

Trying to figure options for Z zero setting - on the mini-mill the semi-auto-manual tool change macros work wonders but I cannot use that on the bigger machine due to the flexible nature of a Bridgeport, there is nowhere to fix the fixed height sense plate.

Am I right my only option here is to use the floating probe plate for every tool change?

The tools are held in R8 collets so pre-set tool offsets are out, just as the mini-mill is.

17-05-2016, 11:56 AM
Is it not possible to just use one corner of the bed for touch off second plate an isultated plate that bolted on end of a T slot on one corner would do same job as one used on mini mill

17-05-2016, 12:01 PM
Ah, but you have not used a Bridgeport ;)

The head is mounted on a swivelling, ram that can (and does) move in any position - the chances of the macro finding the fixed plate are practically zero after the head has been moved ;)

17-05-2016, 12:07 PM
Offsets ;-)

17-05-2016, 12:28 PM
Yes but how?

There is no toolholder as such - just a collet.
The Knee height (i'll call it Z2) is adjustable 300mm.
Only the quill- Z1 Is homed and controlled.

Seems too many variables for a simple offset, unless I am not seeing the whole picture yet;)