View Full Version : Fake ebay emails: New issue

Lee Roberts
18-07-2009, 11:48 AM

i'v been getting these fake ebay emails all week:


How do I know they are fake?

Well the first thing they cocked up on was sending it to webmaster@hybridphp.com (webmaster@hybridphp.com), I donít use that address on any of my eBay accounts.

I do however use that email address (My website).

The other thing to notice is the link they want you to go to:


When you look at the status bar (when hovering over the link) in your email client (if you have one) you can see it really wants you to go to this website:


Looks good hu? Almost just like eBay?

There are a few other things you can spot, formatting/layout of the email and so on. Not to mention the GREAT grammar/english used.

I just donít understand why they go to all that trouble and donít do a better job; it would be SOOO easy to make a better (fake) email from eBay then that.

If you get one of these emails just delete it, I have reported it to eBay for review.

What ever you do, dont click the link and then "Login" !

All you will be doing is giving the scammers your ebay login details and more !


18-07-2009, 04:01 PM
Best thing is to pass it on to ebay and they sort it out.