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Painted Letters
28-06-2016, 04:40 PM
Hi All I hope you can help.
I have been researching CNC routers for some months now. I run a business painting wooden letters, and I want to cut my own and start a business cutting letters to sell.
I was initially looking at the StepCraft machines from Stoney CNC as they are very low cost, a good entry machine for cutting my own letters, but not so good I think for a heavier production.

I have enquired with AXYZ and they came back to me today with figures around the 40k mark for their smallest machines in the 4000 range.
Without sounding too nave, I did kind of fall off my chair when I saw the price.
I have really struggled to get a price for most of the machines I have looked at as a lot of websites are not forthcoming.

So I have looked at the AXYZ, the Heiz -1000 (Although can't see a price anywhere), and Stepcraft.
I even contact Trotec to enquire about their smallest laser machine with a weakish 30w bulb and they came in at 30,000 !!

How does the average self employed person like me possibly get a foot in the door if these are the figures I am looking at.

Budgetwise, I was hoping for under 6000k

Please can anyone help with any ideas on price for UK retailers please, maybe I am missing an entry level machine that would be perfect for me.

I am looking really at no bigger than 1000 in length. I have a workshop, so can be fairly flexible on size, just not a huge beast of over 2 metres.

Many thanks,

Painted Letters
28-06-2016, 05:27 PM
Hi, I tried posting a while ago and post vanished so apologies if two appear suddenly.

I want to purchase a CNC router (Uk) for my business, looking for a manageable bed size of around 1-2 metres max.

Initially I have been tempted by the price of the Stepcraft 840 on the Stoney CNC Website, as it's only 2300 including spindle, software etc....but am wondering about how much of a hobby machine it is.

It would suit my needs initially but I do want to produce a larger range of wooden letters (up to 18mm MDF) for selling.

I enquired with AXYZ for their smallest sized machine and was quoted an eye watering 40k.
I wasn't nave when I started looking, but this price really threw me !

I have browsed the Heiz - S1000 and the price is good, affordable but can't find much info about how well it's been received by owners and whether I would be able to manage a fair bit of use with it. (Say 2-3 hours a day cutting MDF)

So I would be really grateful for any opinions and maybe a machine that I haven't thought of.

Thanks, look forward to hearing some ideas, I really appreciate it.

28-06-2016, 06:31 PM
The spindle capacity on the stepcraft machine looks a bit lightweight to my eye,

- Nick

Painted Letters
29-06-2016, 03:13 PM
Hi Nick,
Thanks for your reply, I am having my misgivings about the stepcraft.
Although it's a fairly cheap machine, it is will over 2000 which is a lot to spend if it takes several passes to cut 18mm, then needs resting to cool down.
But the hike in prices between this one, then the heavier weight ones seem drastic.
SO hard to make that step.

29-06-2016, 04:45 PM
welcome to the forum,
just a word regarding the availability of a decent off the shelf CNC machine.
Not all, but the majority of available machines are not a very good investment.
There are guys on the forum that will build a machine to your exact spec using the correct mechanical and electronic components,and it will perform superior to the majority of equipment you will find commercially available (unless you have very deep pockets),
put a request in freelance jobs & requests.
kindest Regards

Painted Letters
29-06-2016, 04:54 PM
Hi Mike, that is a fantastic bit of advice, and just goes to show my naivety as I wasn't even really aware of such a service.
I definitely don't have deep pockets, this is a new venture which I am hoping to initially save overheads on my existing business, then gradually generate income on top of that.
I will post something on the jobs and requests page, and take it from there, thank you :)