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    Not for much longer, according to the news here.
    Don't want to distract OP thread but got to answer this.!

    Don't believe everything your told Gerry. The UK has whole is taking a Hit yes but we are also known by another name GREAT BRITAIN and this is for good reason.

    The GREAT comes from the fact we don't lie down roll over or shy away from what needs to be done. No matter how hard or at what initial cost to our self's.
    The EU is dying and the sooner it's realised by the rest the better and stronger the whole of Europe will become.

    Our country, The UK, is one of the most tolerant and multi cultural country’s in the world but the simple fact is that we are FULL. The people have being crying this for long time and finally had enough of being ignored by the low life spineless politicians who supposedly run our Country and the whole EU bureaucracy so have spoken out.!! . . . . In your country this would be known as patriotism or being a patriot.

    In UK/EU we are called racists.!! . . . . Yes unfortunately it released or gave voice to few true vial racists but we have or will stuff them back in the box as they pop up.

    We are not racists, very far from it. Lots of our friends or mine at least are either from EU, Asia or some other far flung place. We embrace and tolerate cultures others won’t.
    We are also not Anti Immigration. We just want sensible immigration but the Open border policy just isn’t working here. It’s strangling our country and changing it in ways which are not British. We are and should always be BRITISH First fore most while all the rest that makes us GREAT coming close second.

    We are not even Anti EU in many ways. We signed up all those years ago to European union for Trade but it’s become monster that is something far more than that and not what we signed up for.
    It’s out of balance and with power resting in the hands of too few (or the One strong lady and her muppets) who have no interests but there own rather than for the union has whole. But they are Politicians so shouldn’t expect any less.!!

    We don’t want our country run from Brussels by people we didn’t elect or Faceless politicians we’ve never heard of. We have enough trouble getting our own spineless shower of shit politicians of all side to listen so what chance have we when Brussels is selectively deaf.!

    At the moment Our current Prime minister hasn’t got the balls to stand up and make happen what the people voted to happen, despite the fact he was the one who started all this.! The result didn’t go his way so he’s not playing anymore which is typical of upper class spoilt child and in line with Yellow belly coward.!

    BUT the WHOLE world and The REST of the EU please take note We are GREAT BRITAIN and sooner or later some one with the moral fibre and guts will step up to the plate and we will come back Stronger, leaner and meaner.
    You can count on the fact we won’t run away, lie down or Give up. . . . . So Gerry have no fear and tell your friends and the news the UK will still be here long after the EU has broken up.!

    Now back to making chips.!! . .
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    some very useful information has been posted many thanks.

    many options and not sure which one to take yet lol

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