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    Not worked with carbon fibre before but some general Speed Feed and DOC will help, so if anybody's used this material before then any help is much appreciated.

    It's pre peg 3k 100% carbon

    At the minute I'm only cutting 0.25 thick carbon, but soon I'll be cutting 4mm, the cutter I've been using is a coated carbide 3 flute 2mm bit.


    Now the proud owner of my own personal CNC machine happy days.

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    I was recommended burr style bits for thin work, and to prevent delaminatin on both upper and lower surface compression cutters for thicker stuff.
    I seem to remember I found the information for feeds & speeds on the cutter manufacturer's site,n

    - Nick
    Life is a learning and growing experience.

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    Cheers Nick I will check those out

    Now the proud owner of my own personal CNC machine happy days.

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    I have never cut but should be similar to fibreglass. Take care of the stick out as this severely could change things. I calculated all based on 20mm/ the tool shows 20mm from collet/

    Hope that helps

    Click image for larger version. 

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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Cheers boyan that does help

    Ended up downloading an app came back with this info

    Now the proud owner of my own personal CNC machine happy days.

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    Well thought I'd update this thread just in case somebody needs some info.

    I've cut 12 plates of carbon 293x129x4 and done a few various parts from the plate.

    Had a few trail and errors with cutters but found a cutter that works a treat and just 55p yes 55 pence, once they have done 1 plate they go in the bin.

    DOC I've been doing was .5 mostly cutting 2mm WOC at 24k

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    That looks good, how's the edge finish?
    If you have a play with single flute carbide and can get them to work for you then sharpening is very easy, although you'll need magnification and a diamond wheel they can be ground offhand,
    Life is a learning and growing experience.

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    Cheers Nick I'm impressed with the out come, and doing this in ones garage compared to proper company's mine are and not been big headed are better.

    TBH Nick the edge is fine no delam or nothing, I use what I thinks called a corn cutter.
    The chassis plate needs a finish pass round the profile of the chassis plate, that's the big part in the pic only because a few bits are needed to be spot on.
    But it does leave a tinny lip on the carbon and most would not bother TBH but a simple rub round the edge with some 1000 wet and dry removes it, or a simple deburr in a matter of seconds.

    But the cutters I use Nick it's pointless even trying to regrind them mate, I can't even add cutter cost to parts theirs 120 of parts in the pic VS a 55 pence cutter the end mills are free :)

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    found a cutter that works a treat and just 55p yes 55 pence
    Would you be happy to share a link to the cutters. Nice work by the way.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Sure Clive

    eBay item number 221965675192 don't let the Chinese put you off they came in around 6-8 days, and I'd bought 1 cutter from the UK and snapped in 55 seconds using the same speeds and feeds.

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