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    I have a tale of woe

    This morning I installed a 1/8 inch bit in my ER16 collet on my chinese 1.5kw spindle.

    Didn't feel anything funny when I put the bit in and nut on and don't think I over tightened it; when I came to undo the nut it moved slightly but then locked up.

    Spindle in the bench vise I locked the shaft but no amount of force would move it, heated it up a bit still no go.

    I even managed to bend one spanner and break the jaw off on another. So Dremel in hand I cut into the nut and broke it off with a nut splitter.

    It had as you guessed cross threaded, the thread in the nut was just fine (now in 2 parts) but the spindle shaft was not very good, however I chased in the threads and am pretty sure a new nut will work with it.

    The spindle is quite new so facing purchasing another i'd like to try another collet clamping nut first.

    On the nut it says ER16 19*1 which I take it means m19x1, it is a hex nut and is not castellated.

    A look on ebay tells me that they are available but only in stock in China with at least a months wait and naturally I have jobs that need to be out by Wednesday.

    Can anyone point me at a site or supplier that stocks these things in the UK?

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    I'm sure that there are other places but Arc Euro Trade supply replacement ER closing nuts. Not sure if they go down to ER16 but the ball-bearing closing nuts work well on the larger ER collets.

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    Might be worth phoning them to see if they'll send it via a next day method. I know my recent orders have all arrived next day, but sod's law will most likely apply.

    Or https://www.shop-apt.co.uk/clamping-...et-chucks.html
    Everything I've ordered from APT has been dispatched same day, but again, maybe worth a phone call given the time frames.
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    Thanks for the suggestions ARC don't seem to do what i'm after but APT at least do an er16 19x1 castellated so i'll order one of those + spanner and see how it goes.

    And your day starts so well.............
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    Hi there, sorry to hear of your troubles. You can get a good quality nut from WNT, and they will send it guaranteed next day delivery if you order before 5pm.

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