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    I do a lot of carving in irregular shaped wood, typically well seasoned tree; cherry, pine, holly, and so on.
    Holding that piece is a big challenge. It occurred that a vacuum table would be a good solution. Masking off areas of the table with cling film to increase the 'grip' on the job. My initial design is an array of 3mm holes on a 10x10mm grid cut into perspex (just thinking that a 15x15 grid might be better!). Perspex in 2 halves, holes in top, airways in below.

    Any thoughts on what would be a suitable hole size, and how close the holes need to be.

    I'd put up a dxf of the job if Lee could permit dxf file types (please).
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    Hey Corran, i think cncdudez built somthing like what your suggesting, just gonna check his site now...

    Yep found it: Vacuum Table Vacuum Breakout Box

    I know its probably not "just what" you was looking for but i think cncdudez will be along shortly to help you and advise.

    Ill get those dxf file types permited now for you.

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    Thanks Lee, that design is much better than what I had conceived. Though I would make one more shallow, that 38mm vac port makes it very tall. Using their vac break out box, should be down at the 20mm height!

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    Apart from the obvious choice of using a vacuum cleaner for the motor, what other suggestions can we come up with?

    Vacuum cleaner motors have some basic failures when it comes to vac tables: continuous or long time use can cause the motor to burst into smoke because the motor needs airflow to keep cool. A good vac table won't have much airflow.

    I was looking at breaking up a vacuum cleaner to get the impeller and also maybe putting a fan on the other endof the shaft for cooling.

    I have a spare tumble dryer motor that needs the bearings replaced, I thinks it might be a good choice.

    The biggest factor is NOISE. I need a quiet system. Already I have to shut everything down at 9pm to avoid complaints from the neighbours.

    As for the spindle: the B&Q 1020W router is too noisy as it is!! :(
    I've studied Jeremy's excellent thread on the DC brushless motor DIY spindle and think it'd be a good solution for my too noisy environment.


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    Hi Corran,
    I don't know if you need a spindle over 1000w but I bought a Millwaukee die grinder it's 500w but built like a tank and reasonably quiet plus variable speed. I can't help on the vacuum front though.

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    Thanks for the heads up.
    I had a look at those, the one I fancy is discontinued. The short nosed one with the 43mm ring mount.
    However, they appear to feature a 6mm collet, which will not do me at all. All my bits are either 1/4" or 1/8", and I have a right few!!

    I'll stick with my B&Q 1020W 25 wonder for now.... until I can reproduce what Jeremy did with DC brushless motors and so on.

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  7. John,

    I am using a Kress 1050 and it is very quiet compared to alot of other motors and does the job very well. Only needing to find a way of controling spindle speed from Mach instead of guessing via the thumb wheel on top.


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    I think I may have found a solution to the whole spindle debate. Ebay are featuring water cooled BDCM with speed controller with prices anywhere between $250 and $700, shipped from China or Hong Kong.
    Apparently the water cooling is achievable using a large bucket and a fish tank circulating pump.
    They claim that the VFM can be controlled from Mach3 using the S feature in g-code.
    So now all I need is for the numbers to come up on Wednesday or Saturday and I can get one in before the VAT increase!!!
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    Dunno if this is anygood to you fella but worth a try, i think they do plans but im not 100% sure as they have just redone thir website

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    D-Man, I find your avatar offensive. You might think it funny, but wives looking over shoulders get offended and get all sorts of wrong ideas!
    Not Happy!
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