1. I`ve not posted on here in a while but I thought I would share my workshop video with you. It may not be edited to everyone's taste but it was fun to do and a little different than my normal stuff. To be honest, I got a new camera and only took it to test the camera because it was raining outside!

    Anyway, thanks for watching...

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    So what Camera is it.?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    So what Camera is it.?
    Canon 70d

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    Quote Originally Posted by craynerd View Post
    Canon 70d
    Had feeling it might be DSLR. I've got 50D and 5Dmk1 both little old school now but still Mega cameras.

  5. I'm still very much learning! I have actually since changed a setting based on something I read and the colours seem a little better than on my first trials... I'll keep reading!

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