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    Hi all!

    Struggling to get my KX1 running. A profile did not come with my machine so I have loaded a KX3 profile that I found online into mach 3. In the diagnostics tab of mach3 everything seems to be correct, when I press down limit switches they correspond correctly and estop works. However the motors do not run when I jog the device. Any thoughts?

    The image shows how I have my ports and pins configured in mach3.Click image for larger version. 

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    Where did you buy it?
    Arceurotrade state that Mach3 demo and custom configuration files are included with the machine.

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    Bought it from eBay, used. Did not come with a profile r any software :(

  4. Have you sorted this.I have a port and pin settings are not the same as yours.michael


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