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    It must have been noise from servos or VFD and improper grounding. That was mu conclusion, though i have grounded everything perfectly fine in my opinion. And still had problems.

    yes, 100% you have to EMI protect the Board to Drive wires. maybe that will solve the issue. Try passing a separate wire from PC body to board ground or box ground/ not VDC-/. Same to VFD if you have connected / PC to VFD/. Watch VFD revolutions with spindle turned ON and you will see if that makes effect, speed will rise.

    My advice is to buy the 4 axcis DDCSV controller in the future and use that in Cheap machines. Send the Pokeys back to them for refund if you can not solve it.
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    Thank you Boyan for your fast reply and for your usefull informations. I will try to EMI protect the wires and i will inform you about the results asap.
    Probably i will start doing this on Sunday. So we will communicate again very soon.

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    Just to add my 2 cents, my pokeys57cnc has been working great so far on my machine with mach4. Probing seems to work well with my 3D touch probe too.

    I do have everything run via a star point ground, including the spindle and all shield wires... so perhaps noise is indeed the issue.
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