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    Thank you all, Dean what a comprehensive post, I got the gist of most of it, but not all of it, I do not have home switches but do know how to set it so that Y X and Z all go back to a pre decided position when I zero all three axis. My machine is the Chinese 6040 4 axis (the 4th axis is still in the box) I would like to be able to get the spindle motor controlled by Mach 3 along with the water pump, but even following the set up manual which I have downloaded, this is not happening.
    Anyway let me continue asking questions after I have had my operation and am able to stand up and walk in 3 months, as I am really busy trying to get other chores and jobs done by the end of the month. So forgive me if I do not reply to anymore posts
    All the best

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    When your ready get in touch and I'll gladly run you thru the basics of mach3 and how to set it up correctly.

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    many thanks

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