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    I'll agree with Clive here.

    I've used the traditional, cheap solder guns in the past and I hate them. Truly hate them. They're okay to dump heat into a mass of metal but there's no precision, and they are clumsy at best.

    Now, the one Boyan linked, I know nothing about, but it's clearly designed to operate as an iron, rather than a gun (45 second heat-up time, "maintenance wattage" and so on). So, non of the advantage of a gun (not that there are many) and non of the finesse of an iron.

    Boyan, if you want a crude iron for soldering big cables, why not look at the flexibility of a gas iron? (I've had good work out of a Iroda iron - e.g. ebay item 191949694792), which will double as a hot gas torch for heat-shrinking and a hot knife for cutting plastic fabrics/mesh). And it's completely portable, of course, and the bits are varied and cheap. About as cheap as the solder gun.

    If, however, you want something all together different and suited to all-day operation then, as Clive says, a temperature controlled iron, or soldering station. I've grown up with Antex irons so I eventually plumbed for an Antex 660A station (e.g. ebay 380947367317) - though these cost about twice as much as the gun. A good choice of bits and plenty of power - it does anything I want of it. But, irons are very personal items, different people prefer different irons - Weller are well respected but I've never found them comfortable to use - and overpriced IMHO.

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    These are my most recent choices:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I got the JBC soldering iron after using some in the lab. I've been doing a LOT of soldering recently. They are so nice to use I couldn't resist. It heats up faster than you can pick the iron from the stand and move it to the PCB on your desk. I can't fault it at all, but even now I've had it for a few months I'm not sure if I should have got it - just so expensive, even via eBay as this one was.

    Also pictured are two desoldering options - the ZD-985 is a relatively low cost one with a vacuum pump, which is good but the guns are a bit delicate. I mainly got it because I soldered about 100 fake transistors on to something. Otherwise, for most thing's you're good with a conventional pump, but heated. You can get those for 6 here - well worth it.

    I do have an antex iron aswell - had it practically since I was in nappies. Several new tips and a new element, but it's still the same iron ;)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Regarding flexible cables - you can buy the cable separately:

    For bigger stuff I use this:

    Buy a few and you can solder very big stuff:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If all you're doing is soldering for CNC machines, I don't see much point in getting anything fancy - it's only really worthwhile if you're soldering delicate PCBs, or just doing an awful lot of soldering. Just make sure you have an iron with enough power to deal with the bigger wires and connectors, but not something that will make a mess of anything more delicate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post

    I do have an antex iron aswell - had it practically since I was in nappies.
    So you have had it a month then ?
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I do have an antex iron as well - had it practically since I was in nappies.
    I have just taken delivery of the new Antex TCS50 - and I'm probably going back to being in nappies soon

    Silicone lead is quite a bit more flexible than my older Antex and it does 0 - 300 in 45 seconds with a 6mm bit on it, so I am happy (well not a miserable as I normally am !)


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    Guys, just buying cables for servo encoders and discovered this gem, getting 10m for all my stuff and if happy will change even drills and so cables.

    I chose the 3x0.75mm silicone Helukabel cable
    for about less than euro per meter. At same time en ebay or elsewhere at least 6euro per meter similar cables. There is a bit thinner one at 0.5mm per core which could be more suitable. 180C i think is ok given that its flexible which is more important
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    I've got one of these and love it.
    I can also vouch they are strong.?? . . . Because if you drag it off the bench and run over it with pallet truck they still work. . .Lol

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    Thanks Jazz, I have bookmarked the site - look to be good prices there !
    Albert Einstein may have been a genius, but his brother Frank, was a monster

    Having just moved to Windows 10 (which is crap) My stress levels are through the roof !!!

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    At the end reason won so i bought this all for 21euro from Aliexpress : EU plug CXG 936d Digital LCD Adjustable temperature Electric Soldering station Electric soldering iron 220V 60W solder+ tip10pcs.

    i watched some reviews and all said they work fine. it could have been black not some dodgy colors, but 9$ more, so i decided to be reasonable :-)

    I have ordered and received from TME together with some other cable - 10m silicone 3 wire cable, which is quite nice, so once it comes i will fit some longer nice cable to it. Fit no- solder...

    Plus the tips are for 900 series , means 5$- 10 tips or sth like that.

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