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    I found this project online, and thought I'd share it here, because it is pretty dang good looking !

    All the best,
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    That made me smile, I really like that design, it's novel and there's some thought gone into it.
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    I've definitely seen that before as a commercial product. Nice but not original.

    I was thinking of this:

    but this is pretty common too:
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    The Spartan knife block has a decent idea, survival. The other one reminds me of a voodoo doll of my worst enemy...
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    Haha Boyan I definitely agree with you :p

    I know it has been a commercial product for a while now, but I find it much more rewarding to make my own :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurikain View Post
    I find it much more rewarding to make my own :)
    Isn't that what the hobby aspect of CNC is driven by?
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    Yes it is my dear :) I think I love you very much cropwell :D
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