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    Hi guys,

    At the end i managed to acquire a decent band saw with 600mm wheels and 4.25m long band. Just received the 1.5kw Chinese Huanyang VFD as i have no 3 phase here. This time i deviated from the Toshiba inverters to see how the Hunyang compares.

    Anyways, have some questions to the more experienced:

    - The motor is 1.5kw wired now to delta /for 230V/ at 1410 rpm. I assume its a 4 pole motor looking at RPM. So typically i program such motor / example my belt grinder/ to 0-100HZ so 0 - ~3000rpm. But i never had such a big bandsaw. What are the usable speeds on a typical bandsaw? I will be cutting wood, mainly 200mm deep, will buy a new M42 blade for aluminum plates and such. I love inverters for precise speed control, but want to limit the max speed for safety reasons.

    -Also what the heck is the red pedal for? Emergency stop or what?

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    Boyan I think I had one of those but a bit bigger mine would cut 300mm no prob. if I remember it was a brake to stop the band saw the knob on the back is to adjust the top wheel to align the blade from coming off.
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