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    This thread has drifted some way from the original question about enable pins on drivers, but I don't think that there has been a definitive answer to that one yet...
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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if it is necessary to use the enable pins, I notice a lot of setups do not use them. What is the purpose of them? Any drawbacks to not using them?

    You don't have to use them, they are automatically pulled to the enable state by internal circuitry in the drive, if you connect the appropriate external circuit for your drive to pull the enable pin to the disable state the drive is disabled.
    It's down to you to decide if you need this function and what for, if you don't need to disable the drives ignore it as enabled is the default state for common drives,

    - Nick
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I know this is an old thread, but for folks searching for information about using the enable pin: Check the current requirements of your driver input and the current capability of your BOB/controller before you hook multiple enables to a single output on your BOB. A lot of the drivers draw 12+ MA. on their input pin and some BOB/Controllers can only source as little as 24mA.

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