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    Terry think you miss understand what G54 does. All it does is specify the Work offset in relation to Absolute Machine Zero ie Machine home.

    The fact it's not in the code isn't the reason going all over the place. Mach will default to G54 so unless you've changed it ie: with G55. G56 etc then won't make any difference if not in the Code.

    Also the code is messed up in few places and looks like your using the letter O rather than Zero in places.

    Second line GO25.0000 is invalid because doesn't state axis.

    Also G0 and G1 commands are Modal so don't need to be repeated unless changed. ie:
    g0 x10
    G1 y60 F500
    x68 y78

    When you imported into Artcam did you use Mach3 Post.?
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