I have a Heiz T-400 CNC machine in working order and with extras. It cost 3600 ex VAT two years ago - below
is the full summar of the equipment ordered. It was purchased from a UK reseller - I have the receipts.

If you're interested, please send me an offer :)



Product Code Product Title Unit Price Qty
Line Amount
HZT400 Heiz T-400 CNC Machine (with 5-Channel Controller)
Power Lead with UK Plug: Yes
Anti Vibration Rubber Feet: Yes
Vinyl/Foil Cutter: Yes
ConstruCAM Sotware: Yes
Controller Software: WinPC-NC USB - required to support Vectric software and G-Code. USB interfacing (+320)
Kress Spindle: Kress 1050w (+145)
Vectric CAD/CAM Software: Not Required
Kress Collet Set: Yes (+75 save 25)
10-piece Milling Tool Set: Yes (+80 save 20)
Vacuum Extraction Attachment: Yes (+60 save 20)
Tool Length Sensor: Yes (+125 save 50)
T-Groove Plates: Yes (+85 save 15)
3,340.00 1
HZDepth Engraving Milling Depth Control 225.00 1
vice1 Low Profile Table Vice (Small) 75.00 1
HZ1010 Steel Pinch Clamp with 7mm Diameter Slot 6.00 4