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    A bit late to chime in, but normally for this job i use epoxy. My vacuum station is all sealed with epoxy, so is my compressor and mist system. If i am in doubt that will have to unscrew it later, i use the 2euro epoxy from a chinese shop. Which works well. if propane or oil is involved, i use expensive epoxy.

    As a friend said once- " all you need is one hand distance aways from you, just look around, you have it"

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    Also i think the double syringe item shown will mix the epoxy in the nozzle so no air entrainment ?

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    >As a friend said once- " all you need is one hand distance aways from you, just look around, you have it"

    That friend wasn't Eric Cantona, was it..?

    Those double syringes are cool, but mixing the resin/hardener/colour paste requires odd quantities and furthermore they need measuring out by weight, ie. 10g of resin + 0.5g + 5g hardener. Might be worth trying a syringe to dispense into the more detailed parts, although I have a feeling that the mixture will be a little too viscous... On the smaller stuff I'm currently over-pouring and then sanding back the excess before polishing which gives a nice flush finish, but I do like the way that the epoxy 'sags' into the pockets on larger designs - you get some nice reflections.


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