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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom J View Post
    Why Z slides are so close? There is room on X-plate could've been wider apart.
    Unsupported rails are not stiff enough
    I made mine narrow too but X plate was the same width
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    Otherwise is nice and clean

    Hi Tom

    If I was to build another I would change a few things

    Not sure what the unsupported rails is in reference to ?

    regards Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
    Hi Tom

    If I was to build another I would change a few things

    Not sure what the unsupported rails is in reference to ?

    regards Steve
    Hi Steve
    You have nice Hivin rail on X and Y axis and round rails on Z which are supported at each end. Those rails can be supported like in the my picture or free like in your case.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes its true, every time you build new machine is better and better, question is where is the end?
    Just spend one day revising my latest project because somebody point me on overhanging issue of my spindle in relation to the gantry. I managed save only ~50mm of that distance but with price of complicating design.
    It was wright approach as I probably would regret if I kept like was.
    Your work is good - clean and nice, wish you happy new year
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    Hi Tom

    A belated but happy new year to you to.

    I have been trying to wrap my head around now putting my machine into CAD world by using Fusion 360 its taken some time but the way the software

    is damn clever and I'm slowly getting there.

    Will attach some pics shortly of where I have got to with the model.

    Cheers Steve

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Steve It is well worth the time and effort and you will thanks yourself later by learning the CAD stuff now as you WILL need it later when the machine is finished.

    I know you have built the Z axis it seems a shame to put Hivin rails on X and Y and not use them on the Z.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    In fact, the total of four Hiwin rails, two each side, for X seems a bit OTT and using a pair of those for Z instead would probably be worthwhile. I doubt that you need more than one rail each side for X and adding more than that complicates the build without adding any real benefit.

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