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    I'm looking at getting one of these to run some checks for the replacement motor on my lathe. Is one better than the other?

    I was going to use the FS wizard but the online version doesn't seem to support turning.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think you probably need to trial them both and see what suits you, I ended up with HSM Advisor because it suited me best but others have told me that they like G-Wizard best,
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    As Nick says, trial them both.

    I personally preferred HSM Advisor, as it just seemed easier/more intuitive to use, however I've never tried GW since buying a HSM license several years ago. And I'm even less inclined to do so, since cnccookbook became one big G-wizard advert.
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    Thanks, I was going to try the demos but thought is was worth asking the question.

    Do they sneak Adobe air in as part of the install then? I cant see any reference to it. might not bother with the trial and see how I get on with HSM.

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