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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyan Silyavski View Post
    HI Chaz,

    All these controllers are stand alone, no PC, no Mach3. It seems they accept standard G code, so no special post processors. That must be proven though by practice.

    lets resume:

    -there is this controller smc4-4-16a16b . Here is the manual I looked at it but it seemed too slow for my machine. It seems most people use this one as it came earlier.

    Attachment 19111

    -DDSCV1.1, 3 and 4 axis.

    I bought this one before 2 days. Mistakenly bought the 3 axis version / if sb wants that one , PM me, i will give it 20$ cheaper to you/ . Anyways, it seems on paper and from what i have seen a better choice than the previous one. When it comes at home, i will know more. I have read the MANUAl from page one to end very carefully and apart from some small questions all looks well.

    And yes, i will connect my 2 long axis to one of the controller axis or just one of them and control the other from the servo itself . Will see about that.

    Here is the most extensive info in English i found till now

    Attachment 19113

    - 450-700euro range

    you could find them at aliexpress using "offline cnc control" or " panel cnc" . John pointed them to me, he is playing with some 2 axis one for lathe, so he should know better #4 . I found this site where you could better see all their reincarnations.

    Now the problem here lies to find who makes them / as all sell them like they make them but that's not the case/ , the manuals and eventual support. The link above has somewhere the manuals so next step for me would be to read the manuals themselves and buy one controller.

    Attachment 19112
    Thanks. Would the base unit work for my lathe (XZ and A for Turrent)? What cost roughly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaz View Post
    Thanks. Would the base unit work for my lathe (XZ and A for Turrent)? What cost roughly?
    The 3 axis i bought for 165$. What is not clear if one axis could be mapped as circular, its clear that on the 4 axis controller that could be done, the 4rth axis is rotational. What is not clear there is if on the 4rth axis 2 axis could be slaved together for my type of machine and change type of 4rth axis. I reread the manual, but that is not explained. I guess that the controller has to be in my hands so i know for sure.

    Now the more expensive ones have dedicated ones for lathe, so they could do a lot of stuff. Like the one John bought. They are more expensive and if working, i believe quite worth the money. At the end these controllers should work, as all advanced chinese machines have them fitted.

    By the way i think GSK may be the real manufacturer of the more complex controllers ignore the GSK infront of number, thats how you find them on aliexpress to check prices. I think one of these bought from a reputable seller that could provide support in English could be a nice thing.

    In both cases cheap or expensive, its worth trying i believe.
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