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    Thanks chaps.I spent some time today with the multi meter.found that no signal was coming from the broad.yet there was power and signal going to the board.looks like it did not like getting moved.Thanks for showing interest.
    Have you checked the estop? is it wired etc.
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    Hi, yes I did that.i found a video on you tube that went into detail of wiring the breakout board and what to check. The e stop was in the check list.thanks again Michael

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    Terry did you get the PC with machine or have you installed Mach on another PC.?

    If it was working when bought it then just moving shouldn't hurt the BOB. Only takes one wrong setting in Mach3 and nothing will work. Esp when using the Parallel port which this BOB clearly is using unless plugged into another External motion control board.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by terry1956 View Post
    is the red LED a sign of bad or good news ?
    At least it means it has power to it
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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    At least it means it has power to it
    The LED?
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    hi, the PC came with the machine. as did all the cables etc.

  7. #17 the replacement board came.I wired it up using some pictures I took when I collected the machine. Nothing works. There is power to the board.power to the motor drivers but no movement at all.I have played around a bit with the pins but nothing. E stop is set. So is there anyone out there who can guild me step by step on how to get this machine working.I am useless at electrical things.Thanks michael

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    Playing about with anything won't work.

    CNC's work by logic , you have to do the same.

    First off tell us what computer and OS you are using. What version of Mach3 and we will take it from there.
    John S -

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    Terry I'll PM you mu number ring me and I'll get you working in no time provided nothing broken. 99% sure this will be setup issue or broken/disconnected wire on the E-stop side.

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    thanks for offer of help. the PC runs windows XP and mach3 vR1.83.027


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