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    Hi all my name is Michael i am from Belfast This is a long shot would any member live need Belfast be able to give advice /help I am trying to get a contour major twin column cnc mill up and running it came with the conect software how would i go about running the software as it will not run on my computer windows 7 would i have to run it on a older computer with a earilier version of windows .Can the software be updated or would the machine need updated as well. I have no experience with cnc any help would be appreciated Thanks[/COLOR]
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    My desktop CNC mill is a Contour Minor which was converted to MACH3 before it came to me, I have added a 4th axis and converted it to 3-phase with a VFD.
    It currently runs on Windows 7 without issues, earlier operating systems are an option,

    - Nick
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I dont think i have the knowledge or skill to convert to mach3 would it be expensive to pay someone to do the conversion from what i have read it seems the way to go Hopefully i can find someone that lives near Belfast Thanks

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