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    Hi there. I have two Denford Novamill CNC machines for sale from the school i work at.
    They are both in very good condition although one has a crack across the acrylic screen. It is purely cosmetic however and does not effect the machine itself. The lid still works as a lid so to speak. Both come with the large control unit boxes and i have a bunch of floppy discs but I'm not sure that these are what you need software wise. I am aware though that these can be upgraded software wise anyway.

    There is also a large desk that comes with the machines which looks like the desk it was bought with from Denford, a large black and red table that perfectly fits one of these machines. I have already sold a machine like this in the past so I know they hold good value so please don't bother contacting me with silly offers as i will not entertain them.

    The package includes 2 Novamill CNC machines, the black control units, a bunch of Denford floppy discs and one large black/red table. I have lots of photos but since i could not get them on here easily I am more than happy to send them in an email or on whatsapp etc. They are based in the North east, Sunderland. Please if you are genuinely interested call or text me on 07714088405 to discuss. I will not be back on this forum until a week or so due to work commitments so if you want a reply please use my number!

    Thank you. Daniel

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    This machine is now SOLD! thanks

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