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    My build has been going slower than i thought and to build my current round rail design and upgrade will take a lifetime so i have Emailed Fred at BST Automation. I thought it would be easiest if I got everything at once to make the freight cost better. but i'm not really sure if i have got everything correct on my parts e.g the correct voltage for the motors and drivers. i haven't asked him for power supplies because i Forgot.

    Would you say its better to do it this way or buy the parts as and when. It would make my simple brain think the build was a better price to fool me and make the nearly truths more believable to my wife.

    Here it is my great pleasure to quota the price for you,for
    Hiwin 20 mm Rails & Blocks

    2pcs hgr20 - 1200mm Rails
    2pcs hgr20 – 1000 mm Rails
    2pcs hgr20 – 300mm Rails
    12pcs HGH20CA Carriage

    1set RM1605-L1000mm ball screw with ballnut
    In standard end machined and 1000mm is the overall length.
    1set BK12/BF12 End support
    1pcs 1605 ballnut bracket
    4pcs 8x10 Flexible coupling

    X1 Water Cooling Spindle Kit 2.2KW CNC Milling Spindle Motor + 2.2KW VFD + 80mm clamp + water pump / water pipe for CNC Router

    X4 Nema23 3A 425oz-in Motors
    X4 Motor Controllers

    Best price is USD1300.00,included the freight by Fedex.

    Some details,
    1)The Linear rail and carraige are in original HIWIN brand.
    2)We will machining the ball screw end in standard,and 1000mm will be the overall length,included the machined part.
    3)The BK12/BF12 we quota to you are in cheaper type with Deep groove ball bearing,if you prefer higher accuracy and the BK12 in Angular contact bearing,we can offer to you,and the cost will increase USD18.00.
    4)Not fully understand what's your meanning of "X3 1605 Couplers",maybe you mean need some extra coupling?and I quota to you for 4pcs 8x10mm coupling to you,8mm are for the stepper motor shaft,and 10mm are the machined ball screw end.
    5)The NEMA23 motor we quota to you are in 8mm shaft diameter,3A and 425oz-in.

    Delivery can be arranged in 5-7 working days.

    Anything can do for you,please contact,thanks.

    Thanks for your reply.

    The motor driver is DM542 model,

    For 2.2kw spindle motor,will send 4pcs bearing version to you.and the main spec. is,
    1) Dimension: 80*240 mm
    2) Power: 2.2KW
    3) Voltage: 220V
    4) Frequency: 400 Hz
    5) Speed: 0-24000 R/min
    6) Water Cooled
    7) ER20 collets chuck
    8) Runout off: less than 0.02mm

    Best wishes

    I would be very grateful if you could look to see if i'm on the right road, Last time I went ahead with the sbr20 without asking ans regretted it. the machine isnt really designed for any particular use and so an all rounder is hoped for and hopefully make a little back in time on small jobs


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    Rob it's hard to answer questions without the machine details why don't you keep all the questions in one build thread and then others and me can follow along.

    Do you already have some parts or is this supposed to be the complete setup for the machine.
    In item 3 above he say he has priced for deep groove bearings the Angular contact bearings are much better. I also would be buying the motors from cnc4you as you will know what you age getting and they are tried and tested.
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    Good Morning Clive

    Thank you for the reply.

    My Build Log is here

    although not so much building has happened just lately after the arrival of our new baby girl although I occasionally get to the garage for a few minutes.

    Being a silly billy I originally bought the SBR20 rails and ballscrews 1605's from Aliexpress and then researched after which I now realise wasnt the way but a good learning curve I have nearly got my frame and because of the time taken I don't want to come out with a second rate machine.

    The parts I have are 1000mm SBR20, 500SBR20,& 300MM SBR20 Rails and the ballscrews to go with them I though I would sell the rails but keep the screws and then come out with a better machine its all that deans fault

    I will have a look through cnc4you
    I need to go through the logs of the machines for the electronics because I havn't really been working on that part but it's difficult to know where to start And I don't want to get it wrong this time.

    thank you


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    Ok Rob either keep using your build log or start a new one and keep it all in one place. Have you any drawing done for the nee machine? I would not buy any electronics until you have the basic design done. The drives I would use would be AM882 or similar ( they will handle 80V and are known to be good and tested.)

    Are you going to design it with belts and pulleys . If you are using two motors on X have you considered one motor with a belt between the two. Like Dean does.
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    Good Afternoon Clive

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I will keep it ijn my Build log I was going too but I thought I should put it in the right forum section but I prefer to keep it all in the same place.

    No I haven't altered the drawings although I know what I want to achieve in my mind. It will essentially be the same design as it was going to be with the SBR Round rails and I did design it for rails to be upgraded later in mind but I couldn't stand the thought of having drilled the holes and then swapping and it just looking so messy.
    I did think originally for opting for the 1 motor and pulleys but I just couldn't get the design right because I want to be able to end mill and so I wanted to keep the ends free to clamp too although I have through after I will be able to take the spoil board off and clamp to the frame center section.

    It does seem like I'm not on the best path to get everything from Fred So maybe It will be best to get the rails and the Ball-screw and then when i'm further down the road to research individual items.

    I will certainly look at the AM882 driver so thank you very much for giving me a starting point to look at.

    I still have a long way to go I feel before the Spindle goes in. My excitement gets ahead of me. Are the Am882 best to go for somewhere like cnc4you or are the Chinese versions the same ?

    I probably should be looking at the epoxy level before the other items.

    thank you

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    Ok then post some current pics up the the build log and start from there.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    One not so obvious consideration is the ballscrews getting bent in shipping. I'm not sure if this is an issue with BST, but ordering everything in one go can help as it makes the package stronger.
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    One thing I'd definitely would change in that order is the flexible couplings. Those are not suitable in my opinion. Get the lovejoy type, much better. It demands better alignment but offer also better accuracy, less vibration and better speed response. Not a very high cost and easily can be changed to at a later stage if you want to try what's included in your order, but considering the overall costs, I think it is better to do it now, and not waiting.

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    I would not use direct coupling Motor/Ballscrew use belt and pully, Dean always recommends this setup to reduce resonance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I'm not sure if this is an issue with BST, but ordering everything in one go can help as it makes the package stronger.
    Freds is the most well packaged stuff I've ever had from china. For larger orders mine always comes in wooden box. Smaller orders like just couple of ballscrews come in cardboard box like most others but I've not had a bent one yet from Fred.

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