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    i need to get a pump for a 2.2kw spindle, can anyone recommend a good unit, the 'bay is a minefield of small pumps most of which would likely be crap ;)


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    If your coolant is distilled water with a little something to stop it turning funky you could use a pond pump, decent ones are reasonably priced and they will run constantly for years, your setup could then be based around a 4 gallon header tank with a submersible pump with the option to add cooling on the return side,

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  3. I used a 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze on the mini-mill.

    The label has disappeared so i have no idea what flow rate to look for, head needs to be 2m max but is small bore tubing - 8mm i think

  4. I think the min pump had to be 400l per hour. There is quite some loss from that due to height , long lines, lines width, ... In reality the actual flow needed to cool a spindle is minimalistic
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