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    Does anyone know if any of the Fanuc Post Processor Scripts in Aspire work out of the box with this?

    I had previously created a post processor to work in Solidworks / SolidCAM but had to wipe the PC and cant bring myself to sit for hours re-doing it?


    No need. Use G Code ATC /or no/ . Do not use mach3 post, will not work
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    Hi Boyan,

    Thanks that worked! I dont need to use Gcode ATC or Gcode ARC?

    I have another question, maybe you can help. Im now using Aspire, and it was working very well, however when drawing in the program the Y Direction of my machine was wrong, so my parts were coming out mirrored on the Y Axis.

    So i changed the parameters and wiring to flip the Y Direction and make it home to the Positive, and move in the negative (Because my home position is top left).

    After changing everything, the machine moves correctly, and homes correctly. Aspire is generating the code correctly (Making Y move in the Negative direction and not the positive), however now the controller refuses to run the code.

    I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the problem is.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    EDIT: The problem above magically fixed itself.....
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    Have anyone tried the find center function on the DDSCV1.1? Also wondered if anyone have tried writing macros for it yet?

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    Never knew about a "Find Center function". How is it invoked.

    I have written a test sub-routine:

    (Safe Block)
    G17 G21 G90 G54 G40 G49 G80

    (Investigate Subroutines)

    (set initial X, Y and Z)
    G01 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 F100

    #1 = 3.888

    G01 Z2.0
    G01 X FIX[#1]; Round Down
    G01 Y FUP[#1]; Round Up
    G04 P5000; Little delay

    (Note the above has nothing to do with testing the subroutine mechanism!!)

    M98 P456 L3; Call subroutine 3 times

    M30; End main Program

    (Declare the Sub)

    G01 X2.0 F50
    G04 P3000; Little delay

    M99; End of Sub

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    The find center function can be used by redefining the start button. It can be set in parameter #446

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    First post - and I'm sorry if this is not an appropriate location/method of seeking advice.

    I have recently completed the conversion of a Sieg Mini Mill and am using the DDCSV1.1 controller (Madmodder Flashed).

    Surprisingly - everything seems to be working and a test gcode sample appears to be doing what I had hoped it would. I have yet to cut any metal with it but that will happen soon I hope.

    There is one aspect of the function of the controller that is currently bugging me - that is the Homing Function.

    I have proximity limit switches on all the axis and they appear to be functioning properly - but when I invoke the Homing Function the following happens:

    Z comes down to limit switch then goes up to upper limit and stops (Unit displays "Z-axis pos limit trig'd")
    X moves to neg limit switch then goes back to pos limit and stops (Unit displays "X-axis pos limit trig'd")
    Y moves to neg limit switch then goes back to pos limit and stops (Unit displays "Y-axis pos limit trig'd")

    leaving all axis at positive limit.

    Is this whats supposed to happen? The values on the DDCSV do not reset and the axis do not back off the limits. Is this whats supposed to happen?

    I would be very grateful for any advice.


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    There is an adjustment if the axis should try a couple of times homing, then back off after homing and where the homing happens. Hard to guess more, as you use modded controller.
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    Thanks for the reply Boyan. Managed to sort things out. Homing OK now.

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