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    Hey! Thanks a lot, I'll give them a look now, thank you again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin201314 View Post
    Hey! Thanks a lot, I'll give them a look now, thank you again

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    Your Welcome. Can I request you post any findings or improvements on this Forum as well Mad Modder. If need any testing done feel free to ask.

    Thou can I say the thing needs to be made to work better before wasting time on Graphical improvements etc. First order should be so can use M6 for tool changes.

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    I will post all the improvements, and we are looking to add the features of course, M6 is the first one

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    Jazz, I just tried your software on my controller, all good, but when I'm going to do the tool probe, the controller freeze, and I have to reboot. Is your probe working?
    PS. As soon as I reload the old software it works again....

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    Jazz, did you find out why the "tool offset" are in the parameters list? If yes, have you tried it? If not, what is your thought about? That will help to build the tool change routine/pages for the controller. Thank you
    Cheers 🍻

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    I've not done anything with this controller other than throw few motors on it to test if it slaved motors for Boyan.

    However don't see anything wrong with having tool offsets in list of parameters. After all thats what they are Tool offset parameters.
    Having separate page doesn't really affect anything other than slightly easier to access more quickly but in practise once tool lengths are entered they rarely get changed unless tool breaks or new tool. Not big deal to me or worth lot of effort to change how it is now.

    Just making the Bugger use M6 will be big step forward. Going for that before anything is what I'd say is priority.

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    Just made a short video how to probe Z0 without any setting gauge only having a touch plate of known thickness. As i told before, there are many ways to do it but the simplest way is the best. plus you dont need a setting gauge / though its nice to have one anyway./

    In short
    -you measure your plate thickness using digital vernier
    -make sure you know your back off distance after probing, mine is 5mm
    -rest plate on table and hit probe
    -once operation is finished you gio and manually input in DRO for Z =probe thickness + backoff distance , my probe is 19.3+5mm=24.3mm
    -hit probe again and when operation finishes from now on you can use your touch probe, controller knows your probe thickness
    -from now on X0 and Y0 manually via the DRO.
    -If you hit the button Zero ALL/ XYZ/ at the same time you have to repeat again the procedure of letting the controller know your touch probe thickness.
    -Simple as that, just use slow probe speed~300 or less mm per minute

    Another detail. Seems that the controller screen is prone to scratching even when wiping it gently. Not scratching, but marks are left. To be always perfect, buy 2$ film protector for any mobile, cut it toio screen size with scissors and then unstick the original screen protector.

    If you know welding mask LCD disposable screen protector on welding mask, thats what the screen is made from, sth like PTEG plastic. So needs a protection. Its not a big deal, as its not seen when light IS on or until you examine it very closely but better use it protected. Fortunately the keyboard itself seems quite fine. Which was my main concern.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    I just stumbled over this thread and decided to register an account here.

    To introduce myself, I am Benedikt from MadModder /

    iocapa and I are working hard on a complete open-source GPL rewrite of the entire software which will take time.
    Right now, we are still very flexible. If you have any special feature requests, now is the best time to ask!
    In principle many things could still be added and more types of machines could be supported.

    Feel free to ask.

    Best regards,

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    Hi all,
    Im new here and have recently made a CNC machine using this controller, which i must admit isn't too bad a unit apart from the manual! I'm not a pro by any means and i do this just for a fun hobby. There is a couple of issues i'm working on at the moment and i'm just making sure i'm not one of them!! A question i have though, is how do you program a zero button for this unit? That is, push an external button and all axis' are zeroed?

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    Welcome to the forum Ben from a wannabe CNC-er lurking out in the Pakenham neck of the woods.
    Roughly whereabouts in Melbourne are you?

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