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    TBH if im really honest i dont really know. but i want to build a cnc
    Ok but if you are really serious you need to get some proper drawing done but first look through some of the build logs on here to get ideas as the the one you have put up I don't think will even ice a cake. Please don't let this put you off. So decide on a cutting size you want and then half it. To build a decent machine you will need a budget of around 1500 - 2000 using decent drive, motors, screws rails etc. Also the golden rule is don't buy any electronic stuff until you have the frame designed and sorted. Good luck with the build. My first one took me about 10 months from start to making chips and all knowledge was gleaned from this forum.
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    And there I was getting ready for the Queens prize for engineering, bought the tie aswell, you really took the jam out of my donut there jazz!! But on a serious note the sketch was just to show what I was thinking with the belt. It looks like I better start with a stand alone system to begin with. Done a bit of research last night and hats off to jazz,Clive s and a few others, pointers and advice coming from all directions so keep up the good work, this place is nothing without your help

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    I want my jam back.....

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    heres my first attempt of the bed. made from 50x50x2 box section for the main frame and the bed will be 40x20x2. i will have A-frames under the centre of each beam and get rid of the uprights. this will also allow for ball screw option for the x axis.

    i cant help thinking here that 50x50 isnt stiff enough but with A frames should be ok

    the actual size is not determined yet, im just hoping im barking up the right tree here but probably looking at 1100y 900x

    hiwin or similar rail for the x, not round i just dont like it.

    big question ???? how accurate or square do the x axis members need to be with regards to setting up the rails? i suppose i mean if theres a slight twist in the box section.

    must do more research

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    Hi Dandy
    welcome to the forum
    Please do as instructed, and have a look @ some build logs, you will learn what is involved in constructing something that is going to be rigid enough to do what is asked of it.
    your gantry wants to span the narrowest part (ie width) of your frame to keep it as rigid as possible.
    Time to do research.

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    just for information ive read this on geckodrive and it makes some interesting points, although cant help some of the figures are plucked from obscurity, but nonetheless makes good in roads to figuring out the basis of a a machine

    link here

    ta to everyone for comments and advice

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    Hi guys,

    Just to add that Charter Controls are the national distributors for Geckodrive and as a member of this forum you can get 15% off on our website by using discount code "mycncuk" at checkout.

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