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    Now on eBay starting at 990 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112147312528

    Hello again. I can now put this Triac PC up for sale. It hasn't been used for a long time and coming from a school it has seen little use as you'll see from the pictures upon request via my mobile phone/email. I have a few pictures but it's a mare putting them on here but I'd be more than happy to send them to interested parties. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, CONTACT ME ON MY MOBILE 07714088405 I WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO RETURN TO CHECK THIS FORUM. I am away with work at the minute but should be returning on the weekend.

    The machine comes with the large control unit at 70kg, the machine itself and I also have a copy with all necessary security keys for VR milling that I will happily pass on. I had this software for the Novmills that I've recently sold on but as far as i remember you select the machine on setup of the software for the correct Denford machine you wish to apply the programme to. It also comes with the large black and red table that was purpose built for the Denford machines and is a sturdy piece of kit for holding the machine.

    The machine is located in storage in Sunderland and I am happy to deliver the machine myself if a suitable agreement can be made between myself and the buyer. I would prefer the buyer to collect but at over 200kg + 70kg control unit I understand this is a pain and would help the buyer at an agreed price.

    Included in this package (machine/control unit/specialist table/VR milling software on a memory pen). Cost for delivering by van can be negotiated with a suitable buyer depending on location etc.
    Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to contact me on the number above. Thanks.
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    Looks like you are viewing this. Price? Please send me pics to ctintinger @ gmail dot com.


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    Now on eBay starting price 990

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