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    Hi Guys
    Have been meaning to have a look @ a rechargable device that stopped working a while ago.
    Stripped it and the batteries are AA but the connection is made via a small pin on either end that locates in a v shaped connector.
    Has anyone come across this type of Battery and do you know the type or part No i can Google.

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    Hi Mike,

    A picture might be useful. Any markings on the batteries,are they NiCd or NiMh or lithium ?

    RS have tag ended AA's but not pin ended.


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    Hi Rob
    Thanks for your reply, i boxed the device back up to try it on the charger again after cleaning the contacts.
    got a reading of about 1.3 volts on both cells and when i pressed one of the buttons a LED flickered into life then faded, new item is about 50 squids so will have a look at a Chinese knock off.
    Thanks again.

  4. A quick google threw this up - https://cellpacksolutions.co.uk/prod...mmon-sizes/aa/

    Try the Termination selection menu down the right hand side to see if any look similar.
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    Thanks for that m-c
    the pins are about 2.5mm dia and about 4mm long one end and 6mm the other.
    more chance of finding Hen's teeth.

  6. If you're otherwise going to bin the item, just get some tag ended batteries and solder them onto the contacts. Even use a bit wire if needed.

    Other option would be to make up some suitable adapters/pins from something solderable, and get some of the axial pinned batteries from that link and solder/trim them to the adapters.
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    There are tricks for getting dead rechargeables back to life. I don't think they always work, but maybe.........

    Have a google - I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5k0ljHLF58.

    Old NiCd batteries grow cadmium whiskers inside them that short out the cell and need to be got rid of, before the chargers will recognise there is a chargeable battery present.

    Turning the charger on and off repeatedly is one trick and flashing the battery with a charged capacitor is another. Somebody mentions using a welder to do the same, but I certainly wouldn't try it, it sounds too dangerous.

    I don't endorse any of it though.


    It takes all sorts to make a world, I am just glad I am not one of them.

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